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The 1776 Token Value is Created by the Free Market and Provides a Record of Transaction


Fiat currency is collapsing and most every country in the world will have a CBDC.

  • questionWhat is the value of a cryptocurrency when the dollar aka fiat currency collapses?
  • questionWhat will Bitcoin be priced/valued in? CBDCs? SDRs?
  • questionWill you qualify for a CBDC digital wallet if you are not injected?
  • questionSome states are passing legislation to outlaw crypto currencies as money.
  • questionThere is going to be food scarcity and hyperinflation. How will you eat?
  • questionThey are now putting the mRNA jab contents in beef and chicken and…



1776 Tokens are Internet Money within Freedom Private Membership Association


After the dollar collapses the 1776 Token will not be priced in fiat currency, the price of 1776 Masternodes will be based the current price of a decentralized accepted cryptocurrency divided by 1000, no fiat or CBDC accepted.


Current price of 1776 Masternodes are $1000.00 + $100.00 install and hosting.

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I have read and understand the 1776 Token Disclosures:

1776 Token Details

1776 is Proof of stake.

The 1776 Token has been live since 2017 with near 1000 1776 Masternodes sold.

The 1776 Token has “many” thousands of wallet downloads.

1776 does not have a public blockchain explorer, the blockchain explorer is developed into the wallets.

1776 does not have a public blockchain explorer, It is built into the wallet.

Therefore, it is next to impossible to track the 1776 Token transactions.

177,600,000 were originally minted and 1776 has a 2-minute block reward.

After the dollar and fiat currency collapses, what will assets be priced in? will Bitcoin be priced in Fiat? or will all assets be priced in CBDCs or SDRS?

By design and for good reason the 1776 Token is not in any cryptocurrency exchanges.

Masternode owners earn daily 1776 Masternode rewards of approx. 500 1776 Token per Masternode per month.

After the dollar collapses 1776 Tokens price is of an accepted decentralized cryptocurrency divided by 4000.

After the dollar collapses 1776 Masternodes price the current price of an accepted decentralized cryptocurrency divided by 1000.

Why purchase 1776 Masternodes?
Central banks are in the process of intentionally destroying the current financial system and will be going to a Central bank digital currency (CBDC) REPORT LINK
There will be social credit scores and those who not injected may not qualify for a CBDC wallet.
Will you qualify for a CBDC wallet if you are not injected?
There is proposed legislation in process now that redefines money as: “Money” means a medium of exchange that is currently authorized or adopted by a domestic or FOREIGN government. The term includes a monetary unit of account established by an intergovernmental organization, or pursuant to an agreement between TWO OR MORE COUNTRIES…. “…
The above definition would mean a foreign currency and cryptocurrencies in exchanges cannot be used as money.
In 2022 there were 114 food processing plants that were destroyed, and millions of cattle and chickens culled.
There will be major food shortages in the US and in most western allied countries.
They are now putting the mRNA injection contents in beef and chicken and…. And if you did not take the injection before, you will now be injected by food.


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